Welcome to the TCB Irregulars. There are a thousand ways to join, but only two ways to leave: A coffin, or a command. Currently an understrength company, the Irregulars are sent on missions that smaller units can’t do, and larger units won’t do.

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August 3039

The Irregulars have been reconstituted by order of Archon Melissa Steiner and are mustering even now for a strike at the Draconis Combine. Rumors abound that the Combine has been working on some sort of new wonder weapon and The Irregulars have been tasked with either capturing or destroying the new device. Guided by a Strategic Officer with a storied lineage, success is sure to follow the Irregulars into combat.

‘Advanced vs. Experimental Tech’
For this era the following gear is considered Advanced Tech
Streak SRM 2
Artemis IV
Narc Launcher
Gauss Rifle
Ultra AC/5
ER Large Laser
Large Pulse Laser
Medium Pulse Laser
Small Pulse Laser
Double Heat Sinks
Endo Steel
Ferro Fibrous Armor
XL Engine

The following gear is considered Experimental:
Triple Strength Myomer
C3 computers

Campaign Mk. II has a menu of available Missions that are chosen from by the Strategic Officer, and a different Character Creation method. The Current incarnation of the Irregulars (and their EXP Status) can be found Here

February 3028:

Their commander, Kommandant Erich Steiner is leading them deep into Marik territory in an effort to sow discord and unrest, and keep the Free Worlds League from attacking the Lyran flank during the upcoming Operation Götterdämmerung.

EXP History and menu from the first campaign are available here

TCB Irregulars

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