TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 12
A Bloody Repulse

Mission: Supply

Spencer Jene Ray Vince Tom Joe
Team Kills 17 17 17 17 17 17
Team Size 6 6 6 6 6 6
Kill Share 2.83 2.83 2.83 2.83 2.83 2.83
CompletedObjectives 2 2 2 2 2 2
Total Kill Credits 4.83 4.83 4.83 4.83 4.83 4.83
Training Divisor 1 1 1 1 1 2
Subtotal 4.83 4.83 4.83 4.83 4.83 2.42
Bonus 0 1 0.5 0 0 0
Attendance 1 1 1 1 1 1
Total 5.83 6.83 6.33 5.83 5.83 3.42

Enemy Forces:

Quality C
85% Strength
75% Medium / 25% Assault
1-5 Vee/ 6 Mech
Veteran Experience

Start Mission Cost Mission Gain Incidentals End
Initiative 134 50 18 5 97
Advantage 36 2 1 37
3039 Mission 6
Lt. Corcoran Goes Back to the Well

Mission: Recon-in-Force

Enemy Forces:

-1 Initiative (Inclement Weather)
Quality B (Roll 4)
125% Strength (Roll 5) -10% (Welcome to the Jungle)
25% Medium / 25% Heavy / 50% Assault (Roll 5)
1-3 Vee/ 4-6 Mech (Roll 3) VTOL & Tracked Only (Welcome to the Jungle)
Elite Experience (Roll 6)

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 0
Hans Ersatz 1 1
Frederick Mannstein 1 1
Russ Corcoran 3 Welcome to the Jungle, Inclement Weather 0
Dominic Payne 2 2
George Hustveit 2 2
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25

Moderate Rainfall



Enemy Force List


3039 Mission 5
The irregulars are caught with a hand in the cookie jar

Mission: Mission – Supply

Enemy Forces:

Quality D (Roll 4-2)
75% Strength (Roll 3-2)
75% Medium, 25% Heavy (Roll 6-2)
1-5 Vee/ 6 Mech (Roll 4-2)
Green Experience (Roll 4-2)

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 2 Battlemaster
Hans Ersatz 1.125 Welcome to the Jungle 1.125 Griffin
Frederick Mannstein 1.625 1.625 Archer
Russ Corcoran 3 Secure the Area 0 Griffin
Dominic Payne 2 2 Phoenix Hawk
George Hustveit 2 Top Cover 0 Awesome
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25 Not Appearing



Enemy Force List

Primary forces:
3/5 Manticore Heavy Tank
6/6 Bulldog Medium Tank (AC/2)
5/5 CRD-3R Crusader
5/7 PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
6/7 Vedette Medium Tank (AC/2)
5/7 Vedette Medium Tank
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
4/6 Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
5/5 CDA-2A Cicada
4/6 Motorized MG Infantry
4/6 Motorized Laser Infantry
4/6 Foot SRM Infantry
5/7 Foot MG Infantry
4/6 Foot MG Platoon

Relief Force:
4/6 PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
3/5 Vedette Medium Tank
4/4 Drillson Heavy Hover tank
4/4 ASN-21 Assassin
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
4/4 Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
4/4 Saladin Assault Hover Tank
4/6 WSP-1A Wasp
4/6 Warrior Attack Helicopter H-7C
3/4 Saladin Assault Hover Tank
3/6 LCT-1V Locust
3/6 WSP-1K Wasp
4/6 SDR-5V Spider
4/4 J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (ICE)
3/4 JVN-10N Javelin
3/5 Jump Laser Infantry
4/4 Jump LRM Infantry
3/4 Jump Rifle Infantry

3039 Mission 4
What's all this then?

Mission: Recon-in-Force

Enemy Forces:

Quality C
125% Strength
50% Medium, 50% Heavy
1-4 Vee/ 5-6 Mech
Veteran Experience

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 Inclement Weather 0 Battlemaster
Hans Ersatz 1.25 Welcome to the Jungle 0.25 Griffin
Frederick Mannstein 1.25 1.25 Assassin
Russ Corcoran 3 Through the Swamp 0 Phoenix Hawk
Dominic Payne 3 Emergency Repairs, A Hidden Pass 2 Phoenix Hawk
George Hustveit 2 2 Not Appearing
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25 Awesome


One of the ugliest monsters I’ve ever seen, at least there is some high ground (up to level 10) to see over all the heinous. You need to select your entry edge.

Our weather condition is Torrential Downpour. This institutes a global +2 to hit penalty and a +2 modifier to piloting skill rolls. Additionally all ground is reduced to mud (penalizing infantry movement) and (if megamek supports it, which I’ve been unable to determine) depth 1 water hexes are converted to torrents, which will cause any units that fall in them to be displaced downstream 3 hexes.


Enemy Force List

ARC-2R Archer 2/3 (Force Commander)
CPLT-K2 Catapult 2/3
GRF-1N Griffin 3/3
CRB-20 Crab 3/3
Jump Rifle Platoon 3/3

3039 Mission 3
The Irregulars Take a Stand

Mission: Stalwart

Enemy Forces:

Crusader CRD-3R
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
Wyvern WVE-6N
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1K
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
Jump LRM
Motor MG

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining
Jan Stagson 2 Emergency Repairs 1
Hans Ersatz 1.5 Emergency Repairs 0.5
Frederick Mannstein 1.5 Emergency Repairs 0.5
Russ Corcoran 3 Air Strike 0
Dominic Payne 2 None 2
George Hustveit 2 Artillery Support 0
Gritten Eggles 1.5 Emergency Repairs 1.5


Fighting in the western plains, the Irregulars swatted aside a thrust by the Nestor Militia, feigning a withdrawal only to counter with air power, artillery support and disciplined fire. The Kuritan column was annihilated to a man and the way was cleared for the Irregular’s advance.

3039 Mission 2
A Strike against sector command.

Striking through the densest part of the Khralian Forest, the Irregulars struck as the morning fog from the river choked the river valley. Barreling straight into the thick of it George Hustveit and Jan Stagson were brought up short by heavy hostile fire, and when Stagson veered off after an enemy Wasp and the fog made Hustveit’s footing treacherous, his crashing tumble ended in an ammunition explosion that rocked the jungle. Meanwhile the light mechs of the Nestor Militia were busily shoving irregulars into the slow moving river. The tide began to shift when Gritten Eggles neatly decapitated the Militia’s commander’s Phoenix Hawk, and the timely arrival of Russ Corcoran and Hans Ersatz after clearing the river banks saved Stagson.

3039 Mission 1
Back Into the Fire

The Irregulars were deployed to screen the Dropships’ landing zone and ran directly into the better part of the 3rd Derion Regulars’ Heavy Armor Company. Initial instructions were to get some scans on the opposition and escape with the intel, but the Irregulars pressed hard and shattered the Kuritan forces, destroying all the enemy tanks and capturing a Shadow Hawk and several tank crews.

Ersatz Mission 1 Summary

Operation Grabass

It’s a hot night. The mind races. You think about your knife: the only friend who hasn’t betrayed you, the only friend who won’t be dead by sunup. Sleep tight mates, in your quilted chambray night shirts.

Anonymous 20th Century Terran Writer

I slammed on the brakes as my Phoenix Hawk made a rough landing and nearly crashed into a tree. I guess you could say I was still getting the hang of this whole piloting a mech. Could you blame me? After all, my last performance report had ended with the following, “Under no circumstances let this man pilot a mech.” And, sadly, I can’t say I disagreed.

Frankly, I hadn’t been paying any attention during the Hauptmann’s somewhat overexcited briefing because I didn’t think circumstances were dire enough (or, frankly, would ever be dire enough) to warrant me piloting a mech. Therefore, imagine my surprise when I heard, “Ersatz, we’re desperate. You’re piloting the Phoenix Hawk.” In the ensuing mad rush to the mechs I did catch the bit about the Kommandant being in trouble, and I figured that that was all the information I needed (if I ran into him on the battlefield, so be it, and if I didn’t, it might actually turn out better for both of us).

Somehow an an enemy Firestarter had wandered into my sights. I knew that he was with the enemy force because all enemy mechs and vehicles were painted in some sort of uniform red paint scheme, which was handy because I wasn’t entirely clear about who was who during the battle. As I discovered to my dismay, all that jumping around (on both of our parts) made it difficult to draw a bead on the enemy. I had more success when I lashed out in frustration and kicked the Firestarter in the leg. The bastard responded by jumping away, but I was hot on his tail. After another salvo of missed shots, I went back to the well for another kick but missed the Firestarter and almost ended up ass over tea kettle for my efforts.

Unfortunately, the Firestarter evaded me and stumbled into the path of the Kommandant who was piloting a Griffin. The Kommandant (dangerously following my lead) finished off the Firestarter with a kick to the damaged leg (he stole my move). Fortunately, the main force (the Rifleman and Atlas) had cleared the bridge leaving only a number of infantry platoons and the Eisenfaust moving to cross the bridge. Naturally, I went after the soft targets. How much damage could infantry units do? I thought. Well, as it turns out, quite a bit as my mech was rocked in a vicious crossfire from multiple infantry platoons. In an effort to get away from their murderous fire, I ran up on the Eisenfaust as it stood next to the river. Before I could unleash my (only good) move on the mech, Leutnant Payne slid in behind the Eisenfaust in his Vulcan and took off the enemy mech’s head with a kick of his own (again, my move had been stolen).

I was dimly aware of a significant firefight occurring south of the bridge between elements of our force consisting of a Flashman, Centurion, two Thunderbolts, and a Shadowhawk (and, who knows, maybe the Kommandant even joined them as well) facing off against the Rifleman, Atlas, and a mixed force of armor and infantry. Even though those little infantry bastards with their lasers were relentless, there was no way I was heading south to tangle with an Atlas. Instead, I settled on getting swarmed by infantry followed by making a temporary tactical retreat.

I am guessing at this point (or some point) that the Kommandant was issuing some sort of orders, but I had long ago tuned out the chatter (aside from Buffschultz and Payne, who, thankfully, were men of few or no words, the rest of the unit was a chatty bunch) from the comm. Unfortunately, with all the heat coming my way, I had lacked the time to concentrate on figuring out how to turn the comm off (just figuring out the movement and firing controls had proving challenging enough). Additionally, I currently was completely focused on eliminating the enemy infantry who had been making a determined (and somewhat successful) effort to end my day; however, once I got down to business with the Phoenix Hawk’s machine guns, I made short work of the infantry. Once I had emerged from my murderous rage (i.e., all the infantrymen were dead), I learned that we had won the day (apparently, the rest of our force had destroyed the Rifleman, Atlas, armor, and remaining infantry) and saved the Kommandant.

I later learned that we had lost a man, (he had been piloting a Flashman, which was capped by a head shot, making the mech salvageable but that was probably cold comfort to the dead pilot), while the Kommandant’s mech fortunately took no damage during the battle. Evidently, command thought that I did well (what battle were they watching?) and praised me for my efforts on behalf of the unit. Now we just needed to get back so that I could speak to someone in personnel regarding my hazard pay.

Devil's Work, Mission 1
The newest recruits to the Irregulars get a baptism by fire

Post Battle Synopsis:

Official Reference: The Battle of Khyber Valley

Leutnant Manfred Buffschultz (2 Hits)
Leutnant Franz Ersatz (2 Hits)
Hauptmann Harold Hoefler (1 Hit)
Leutnant Klaus Schultze (5 Hits)

AS7-RD Atlas
RFL-3RD Rifleman
EFT-4J Eisenfaust
FS9-H Firestarter

MechWarrior Stewart Gunnis (Red Devils)
MechWarrior Dohm-Phu Djambek (Red Devils)

Kommandant Erich Steiner (2 xp) +1
Hauptmann Harold Hoefler (2 xp) +2
Heavy Wheeled APC
Heavy Wheeled APC
Leutnant Franz Ersatz (4 xp) +1
Motorized Flamer Platoon
Motorized Flamer Platoon
Motorized Laser Platoon
Motorized Laser Platoon
Leutnant Dieter Jagerhaus (2 xp)
Goblin Medium Tank
Foot Laser Platoon
Leutnant Dominic Payne (2 xp) +1
EFT-4J Eisenfaust
Foot Laser Platoon
Leutnant Manfred Buffschultz (0 xp)
Scorpion Medium Tank
Leutnant Heinrich von Schlieman (2 xp) +1
Meritorious Service
Leutnant Klaus Schultze (2 xp)
RFL-3RD Rifleman

Unclaimed/disputed kills:
AS7-RD Atlas

Welcome To Hell...Grab A Seat.
The TCB Irregulars On The Road Again

You enter a large tent on the north side of a camp being rapidly dismantled.

‘Goddamn it you stupid fucking idiot!’

Hauptmann Hoefler throws a field comms receiver across the tent. Turning to scream at the red blinking light on the field communications array,

‘Do you really think they’re going to bother promoting your scorched fucking corpse!?!’

He pauses, chest heaving, face red with anger; then picks up a folding chair and slams it into the ground.


There isn’t much left of the chair when it follows the receiver’s trajectory.


Corporal Whitfeld, judiciously stepping to place Corporal Osborne’s bulk between himself and Hoefler, speaks up.


The hauptmann grabs what was left of the chair he was beating and slams that into the ground, shattering the frame into individual pieces connected by a few strips of canvas. Whitfeld steps behind Mechwarrior Waller and tries to get the hauptmann’s attention again.

‘Hauptmann? The drop’s complete. Everyone’s here…’

Hoefler flings the chair-cum-kindling at the communications console. Whitfeld, taking a step behind Mechwarrior Holland, speaks up a little louder.


Hoefler, again heaving in anger, screams.


‘New Mechwarriors present or accounted for sir!’

Two deep breaths later, the hauptmann seemingly calms himself, and turns and faces everyone, scanning the faces of those present and the late arrivals.

‘Right…alright everyone…here’s the situation…out esteemed Kommandant has ordered us to completely eradicate the intruders he’s gone off and found on his own. Not a single soul is to be allowed to escape alive. He mentioned that if you wanted a new ’Mech, you might wanna aim low if we find any. We are to avoid anyone spotting us as well…as we are operating in an intel blackout due to operational security needs…’

The color in the hauptmann’s face darkens from a light pink to a tomato red as he speaks. As he reaches the words “operational security needs”, Corporal Osborne snickers.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake! Okay. Yes! Fine! We’re in the shit again. You’ve got four minutes to get your asses deployment ready. We’re rolling in five.’

As Mechwarrior Waller opens his mouth, Hoefler holds up his hand.

‘Before you ask, if I knew where in the fuck we were, I’d tell you. All I know is it’s another shithole-backwater that apparently makes the Kommandant moist when he dwells on it too long.’

When Mechwarrior Holland coughs politely, the hauptmann scowls and pointedly looks the red-headed pilot in the eye.

‘After our last debacle, he’s even more tight-lipped than normal. I can’t imagine why he might not trust us. It’s not like someone didn’t follow orders or anything stupid like that, right?’

When Whitfeld tries to stutter out a question, the hauptmann spins on the spot, strides over, and slowly holds the communications NCO’s mouth shut.

‘If there was more information to give, I’d give it. You now have three minutes and fifteen seconds to get deployment ready. Ozzie, the paint jobs…this lot came with what?’

The materiel NCO sighs, ‘Parade Ground, sir.’

‘Oh for fuck’s sake, why not just sell advert space?! Here’s hoping there’s something left to repaint when we’re done.’

The hauptmann turns around and focuses on a digital map of the surrounding terrain. Holland and Waller turn and duck out. As the rest of the Mechwarriors dawdle, the hauptmann turns and yells,
‘What are you waiting for? Fall out! You’ve now got two and a half minutes! Corporal, upload these coordinates and this waypoint set to the Howl’s navigation system. And the minute, I mean the very fucking second those dropships are fueled, you let me know. we’re not spending one second longer than necessary under fire, you hear me?’

As the hauptmann stalks out of the briefing tent, Corporal Whitfeld turns to look at the last few dawdlers, and calls after Hoefler, ‘Yes sir!’

Then, to the new arrivals, ‘I’d shift it you all, you’ve got a little over two minutes at this point, or not only will you have to run to keep up, you’ll likely be the ones repainting everyone’s mechs at the after-party…and that’s after you get ten lashes for missing the rendezvous with the Kommandant, of course.’


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