TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 4

What's all this then?

Mission: Recon-in-Force

Enemy Forces:

Quality C
125% Strength
50% Medium, 50% Heavy
1-4 Vee/ 5-6 Mech
Veteran Experience

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 Inclement Weather 0 Battlemaster
Hans Ersatz 1.25 Welcome to the Jungle 0.25 Griffin
Frederick Mannstein 1.25 1.25 Assassin
Russ Corcoran 3 Through the Swamp 0 Phoenix Hawk
Dominic Payne 3 Emergency Repairs, A Hidden Pass 2 Phoenix Hawk
George Hustveit 2 2 Not Appearing
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25 Awesome


One of the ugliest monsters I’ve ever seen, at least there is some high ground (up to level 10) to see over all the heinous. You need to select your entry edge.

Our weather condition is Torrential Downpour. This institutes a global +2 to hit penalty and a +2 modifier to piloting skill rolls. Additionally all ground is reduced to mud (penalizing infantry movement) and (if megamek supports it, which I’ve been unable to determine) depth 1 water hexes are converted to torrents, which will cause any units that fall in them to be displaced downstream 3 hexes.


Enemy Force List

ARC-2R Archer 2/3 (Force Commander)
CPLT-K2 Catapult 2/3
GRF-1N Griffin 3/3
CRB-20 Crab 3/3
Jump Rifle Platoon 3/3


Yeah, It looks good to go.

3039 Mission 4

Russell “Red” Corcoran hit the last keystroke on his after action report; auto-submitting to the Kommandant. It had been a pretty bitter morning for Red, and considering his Phoenix Hawk’s entire right torse had been crushed in by an enemy Griffin’s well-placed kick, he was lucky to be alive. He was in no mood to rehash the day’s events and was hoping his superior officer would simply accept his written account of the affair at face value, and choose not to undertake an oral debriefing of Corcoran.

Earlier in the day, Red had made the case that a patrol during recent inclement weather may give the Irregulars a tactical edge on any Snakes they encountered. Up until now, the Irregulars were running roughshod over the Kuritan opposition. So why stop now? A combination of tenacity and coolness under fire had seen them through, along with a generous application of combined arms. At times, it seemed that even the weather itself was trying to reject the Irregulars. Earlier in the campaign, fog had contributed to multiple pilot errors that lead to a freak ammo explosion, taking away an assault mech in the process. With a torrential downpour moving in, Red knew he and the rest of the Irregulars were about to get wet. A Recon-in-Force a virtual blank area on the tactical map was initiated in the hopes of finding the Combine’s secret lab.

The Irregulars sported a relatively light composition that day. Red and Payne had opted to pilot Phoenix Hawks while Frederick Mannstein had dusted off the Assassin that was lodged squarely in the back of his hangar. Of three available assault mechs, only Jan Stagson’s Battlemaster made the trip. Hans Ersatz reliably piloted his Griffin on the patrol.

The weather started pissing to beat hell as the Irregulars approached their recon objective. Nestled in the crotch of the planet’s Highlands, Mountain, Jungle, and Swamp came together in a sticky, muddy mash. A steep promontory, perhaps an indication of local volcanism mere aeons ago, stuck up out of the jungle canopy like a messy, pulsating teat; hard and leathery from the wear and tear of overuse yet still conveying a greasy moistness. It was a vantage point, from a traditional military sense, the high ground. If the enemy was anywhere near, that’s where they would be. The Irregulars course corrected to head straight for it.

Upon reaching the base of the hill, the Irregulars made visual contact with the enemy. Not mere militia, the opposing mechwarriors were sporting a professional grade camo that allowed them to blend with the local trees as well as the rocks of the cliff face. Red leapt into action….

Shit, enemy Griffin. I’ll get in his face. Damn he bailed. Double damn he has friends. What in the hell is an Archer doing way up here? Is that actually a Crab over there? Uh oh, that Griffin just legged Mannstein… Ow I’m taking hits, I’ll just fire back… hmmm… no lock. Better get to the rear of that Archer, crap he’s got rearmounted lasers as well. Damn, I missed with most of my shots. Shit, he almost backhanded me, well this will teach him… kicks the Archer Sounds like that Griffin is causing problems back on the trail… Hey that Crab is pretty close to the edge of the cliff… Yeah that’s right scumbag, have a nice trip. When you wake up in the Dawn of the Dead make sure to tell ‘em Red sent you. Ah shit, mission priority is to scan the piece of dung. No visual, turning on MagScan. Crap, if he doesn’t come up I may have hosed the mission. Oh there he is, hiding in the shadow of the cliff. Scanned, Now to gang up on that Archer. All that for a single medium laser hit? At least it weakened his good leg. Oh ho, the Griffin’s back, probably realized his buddy needed help. Damn, these guys keep hitting me with ridiculous shots. I’ll jump back and regroup. Dammit, the Griffin’s abov… Ah geeze he kicked through the right torso no armor was left there. My arm and large laser are on the ground… Better withdraw and preserve the mech… At least the Archer is meat. Oops, I guess the rest of the guys were able to handle that Griffin too. I wonder if a quick strike team could zap that Crab before he finds his way out…

Red didn’t have to look at his comm to know who paged him. The Schmaltzy tone of a traditional Steiner March could only mean that he was being summoned for debriefing. Nevermind, the mission objectives had been completed, thus assuring final victory. In the end, despite Corcoran’s lack of personal success, Red was able to report that the Irregulars as a whole had taken two very good mechs and their pilots away from the enemy and had ruled out another location for the secret research base. The Irregulars now had the remaining 99.4% only of the planet’s surface area to check.

3039 Mission 4

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