TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 5

The irregulars are caught with a hand in the cookie jar

Mission: Mission – Supply

Enemy Forces:

Quality D (Roll 4-2)
75% Strength (Roll 3-2)
75% Medium, 25% Heavy (Roll 6-2)
1-5 Vee/ 6 Mech (Roll 4-2)
Green Experience (Roll 4-2)

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 2 Battlemaster
Hans Ersatz 1.125 Welcome to the Jungle 1.125 Griffin
Frederick Mannstein 1.625 1.625 Archer
Russ Corcoran 3 Secure the Area 0 Griffin
Dominic Payne 2 2 Phoenix Hawk
George Hustveit 2 Top Cover 0 Awesome
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25 Not Appearing



Enemy Force List

Primary forces:
3/5 Manticore Heavy Tank
6/6 Bulldog Medium Tank (AC/2)
5/5 CRD-3R Crusader
5/7 PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
6/7 Vedette Medium Tank (AC/2)
5/7 Vedette Medium Tank
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
4/6 Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
5/5 CDA-2A Cicada
4/6 Motorized MG Infantry
4/6 Motorized Laser Infantry
4/6 Foot SRM Infantry
5/7 Foot MG Infantry
4/6 Foot MG Platoon

Relief Force:
4/6 PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
3/5 Vedette Medium Tank
4/4 Drillson Heavy Hover tank
4/4 ASN-21 Assassin
4/6 Vedette Medium Tank
4/4 Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
4/4 Saladin Assault Hover Tank
4/6 WSP-1A Wasp
4/6 Warrior Attack Helicopter H-7C
3/4 Saladin Assault Hover Tank
3/6 LCT-1V Locust
3/6 WSP-1K Wasp
4/6 SDR-5V Spider
4/4 J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (ICE)
3/4 JVN-10N Javelin
3/5 Jump Laser Infantry
4/4 Jump LRM Infantry
3/4 Jump Rifle Infantry


Usually, Corcoran simply did not like waiting outside of the Kommondant’s office. This time, he absolutely hated it. The Kommondant’s insistence on a personal debrief immediately following the latest mission was absolutely infuriating under the circumstances. Usually, when Red found himself in this position, he was sitting on a Steiner-craft ultra-light bench amidst a sea of plastiform dividers, also of Steiner manufacture, waiting for the Kommondant to summon him into his cubicle. Even in the field-camp, the Lyrans were able to maintain strict corporate efficiency models by controlling their immediate enviroment. Unfortunately, Red was sitting on a mat cross-legged, outside of an of office with a silk-screen divider, awaiting the arrival of his fearless leader, the Kommondant. For that matter, Red and the rest of the Irregulars were anxiously waiting for the rest of the follow on force, due to arrive any minute. At least Red could report: Take and Hold Operation a success. Once the Kommondant arrived…

“Alright lets get on with it…” Red had been pretty terse before the jumping off point for the latest operation. He had switched back to his Griffin, anticipating a lengthier fight, one that could turn into a slug-fest. More armor meant less speed, but the armament was not significantly different between the two mechs. Main armament Large Laser, two medium lasers… all in the right arm on a Griffin. The Griffin also had an LRM 5 in its torso while the Phoenix Hawk had machine guns. Red had considered the possibilty of a large infantry presence on the supply base, but with Sergeant Stagson in his Battlemaster, any infantry that show up should be reduced to a red mist.

Amongst the acknowledgements to move out, a pair of light aerospace pilots indicated their TOA as 40 seconds. Red wasn’t very concerned with this, air support had been getting successively lighter and infrequent as the General Operation continued. For the moment, he was concerned with pair of vedette tanks that seemed to be preparing to engage himself, and the newly acquired Archer piloted by Mechwarrior Mannstein. The rest of the Irregulars Force deployed north of this position and began to engage with a Manticore tank.

Both of the Vedettes were taking refuge amidst the outer edges of the supply depot. Direct fire on the closest building coaxed one out. Laser fire and missiles slagged the armor on both sides and the turret of the charging tank, its companion remained in position firing away. All of a sudden, movement further east…

“We got a Pixie K trying to back up these tanks, Mannstein…” Red started firing at it, leaving the brutalized tank to be finished off by the Archer. One shot surely would have injured the K’s leg, had it not been behind an embankment. As the Pixie drew in the other tank made a desperate charge. A group of infantry also came out at a rund. Red was peripherally aware that a serious malfunction was causing Dominic Payne to withdraw. On the plus side, communications chatter indicated that the largest tank out in the field was eliminated and yet another vehicle had been dealt with. The Irregulars that had gone north were now swinging south.

Both tanks were ultimately turned into flaming wrecks, but the Pixie just kept coming. “This sucker sure likes to run…” Red knew he couldn’t keep pace with the Pixie, his best hope was to out-maneuver it. After a series of twists and turns, Red blocked the Pixie’s path through an oasis like area, forcing the machine to walk backwards towards the rest of the team. The Battlemaster had just annihilated the infantry squad threatening the Archer when it acquired a new target. The Pixie tried to put as much distance between itself and the new wave of Irregulars, but it simply was not enough as Stagson scored another kill with a over-application of over-heated particles and laser fire. The team had secured the area.

Now the real fun part. Hold on to the Supply Depot. “Red we have targets inbound from your south…” The aerospace fighter pilots were clinical, “…I’d say you’ve got 30 seconds before they contact…” The group’s assault and heavy mechs were taking position on a hill, all the better to rain dowm fire on the scratch relief force. “They’re probably just part of the base’s normal security. Looks like we caught them on the apex of their patrol route…” The pilot’s words rang true but it had been no accident. The intel gathered from the last mission had optimized the Irregulars’ attack. The other Griffin pilot, Ersatz, had taken up position in a wooded area, south east of the bluff that the big boys were trudging around on. Red spared a moment to hope they could figure out how to take position on the hill. He kept his machine in motion, hoping to react quickly to whatever the Snakes were throwing at them now. And then all hell broke loose.

The base forces had been amateurs. This next group was a bit better. A bit better but incredibly light… Wasp, Spider, Wasp… Assassin, Javelin… a helicopter; they hit the field at full out run. The big boys were almost knee deep in light or light-medium mechs from the outset. But not for long. Hustveit and Stagson melted away multiple inbound targets with a push of a button. Red was able to backshoot the Assassin by jumping behind him, scoring an engine hit. The Spider was not amidst the crowd on the hill, preferring to jump a bit north and east of the general melee, but was handled by Ersatz. Confusion was sown for a time amidst the Irregulars as the plethora of targets created a communication of tactics problem. Fortunately, the non-jumping light mechs the Kuritans sent forward had their speed advantage gobbled up by climbing and navigating the hill. Those were eliminated piece-meal. The Assassin had backed off but Hustveit managed to score internal damage to its engine once again, resulting in a shutdown. It was a sitting duck for the counter-charging Irregulars.

Throughout this time, Red was in and out of contact with the rest of the team. His mech was being shot by the damned helicopter from time to time and he took some damage to his shoulder actuator and armor on his head was actually scorched by something. He was a bit out of it until he finished off one last tank. He signalled command operation success, now to find and catalog those warehouses…

Red recognized the footsteeps down the hall. He stood up and came to attention as the Kommondant came into view. “Mission Success, Red?” the Kommondant’s tone was dry, as usual, “I would have to say you’ve pulled off an overwhelming victory… Oh, nice office. We’ll have to get a security team in here to scan for bugs and go over the materials… But thanks for the scan of it. An office fit for a commanding officer.” The Kommondant made no secrect of his disdain for field kampf. Red followed his CO into the office. “Has it come yet?” Corcoran’s query was always the same. As the Kommondant took in his new office he remarked “No. But you have been sent some new toys to play with. Why don’t you check out your new hangar, you’ll be getting the latest gear from now on.” Red hurried off to his assigned bay, half anticipating and half dreading what the Lyran force had foisted on him now.

3039 Mission 5

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