TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 6

Lt. Corcoran Goes Back to the Well

Mission: Recon-in-Force

Enemy Forces:

-1 Initiative (Inclement Weather)
Quality B (Roll 4)
125% Strength (Roll 5) -10% (Welcome to the Jungle)
25% Medium / 25% Heavy / 50% Assault (Roll 5)
1-3 Vee/ 4-6 Mech (Roll 3) VTOL & Tracked Only (Welcome to the Jungle)
Elite Experience (Roll 6)

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining Mech
Jan Stagson 2 0
Hans Ersatz 1 1
Frederick Mannstein 1 1
Russ Corcoran 3 Welcome to the Jungle, Inclement Weather 0
Dominic Payne 2 2
George Hustveit 2 2
Gritten Eggles 1.25 1.25

Moderate Rainfall



Enemy Force List



This was bad. Corcoran had come in from the field nearly two hours ago, only to be kept waiting outside of the Kommondant’s office. Normally, Red would be hectored into giving a report immediately by his commander. Now, Red was waiting in an office that had formally belonged to some big wig on the other side. The Kommondant had claimed the space as spoils of war, shortly after the security teams had deloused the interior. An abrupt tapping sound from the personal assistant’s desk alerted Corcoran to the fact that his debriefing was to commence. Russell “Red’ Corcoran heaved himself out of his chair and entered the personal domain of his superior officer.
“Relax… have a cigarette…” the Kommondant’s tone had the opposite effect on Red. He tensed up, “Thanks, I don’t…” “Worried about your health, hmmmm…? I must say I like your optimism.” Red did not typically share his commander’s black humor and on the heels of casualties it sounded like disrespect. With a withering stare, Red replied “I’ve reported as ordered, sir. Kindly ask your questions so this debriefing can be over and I can get some sleep. The Kommondant chewed on his new favorite cigarette holder before continuing, “Very well, make your initial report and also, take out your data recorder.”
It was pissing rain again, and the Irregulars were on yet another Recon-In-Force, trying to use planet’s nasty weather against the defenders. The group was accompanied by a helicopter, not precisely a stealthy machine in this instance. Upon approaching a hillock in the jungle, the Irregulars encountered some of the heaviest resistance to date.
Almost instantly, the enemy appeared from the jungle brush upon the Irregulars arrival. An exchange of fire left the group’s Battlemaster headless and the helicopter was shot out of the sky. Miraculously, some of the helicopter crew survived. Corcoran sprang into action with a modified Phoenix Hawk. The addition of better weapons and beagle probe made it the perfect scout. An enemy Wolverine was perfectly positioned to erase all of Red’s back armor. Hans Ersatz, piloting a modified Griffin, managed to return the favor. The remaining assault mech’s pilot ran through a minefield in an attempt to get closer to an enemy Atlas and ultimately only succeeded in making it impossible for the Awesome to leave the field.
Red took shots where he could and let the beagle probe do all of the scanning work. The enemy had brought many toys to play, Besides the Atlas and Wolverine, a Hunchback made an appearance, a few infantry squads and some tanks. He didn’t even try to comprehend what he was seeing, if it looked like a Snake, he blasted at it… or tried to anyway. Ordinarily, Red liked to take the opportunity to kick the enemy’s teeth in. But the way the fight was going from horrifically bad to obscenely worse; it was time to leave with the data that was recovered. Corcoran ordered a retreat.
The Awesome stumbled about and was ultimately destroyed, never having landed a telling blow on the Atlas. Frederick Mannstein’s Archer miraculously made it to safety having been dogged by much of the enemy’s forces. In a withdrawal worthy of immortality, Hans Ersatz managed to destroy the Hunchback, leg the Wolverine and annihilate an infantry squad before being taken apart by the enemy Atlas. Dominic Payne in a radical interpretation of his orders, heroically saved the remnants of the helicopter crew who were trapped well behind enemy lines in a forest fire their vehicle had started. Hans Ersatz managed to make it off the battlefield. The Awesome’s pilot, Gritten Eggles is MIA.
“Yes, type it up exactly that way…” The Kommondant’s instruction was crisp and clipped. “Are you sure Payne’s actions were an ‘interpretation’ of orders? Wasn’t he simply being insubordinate again?” Corcoran was simply exasperated, at every point in his report the Kommondant had corrected him, using language to soften or perhaps reinterpret events. “You are forgetting that Payne succeeded at what he aimed at. He returned what’s left of the crew to their grateful comrades. The morale of the men would take a severe hit if he were punished,” the Kommondant ashed his cigarette as he made his point. Continuing “The damage he sustained to the mech was worth preserving the morale of the techs and flight crews. Had he not succeeded, well, he would have been sitting out the rest of the operation in a Draconis Re-education center, making lanyards on Tuesdays and Thursdays and being probed for information on every other day.” The Kommondant paused as Red pressed send on his report. He looked over the report in a ministerial fashion, as if he had not seen it before, clicked the icons for Approved and Mission Success, and clicked send himself.
“You really are classifying the last mission as a success?” It sounded like a statement when Red spoke. “Indeed, your data was invaluable. The counter-striking team was able to recover the Battlemaster that was lost, though it will remain with their unit. The damage you managed to inflict combined with the intelligence you gathered allowed us to make an overwhelming success of the operation.” Red looked discouraged. “What now?”
“Now, I have more R&D things for you to play with. Later, your unit will be given new intelligence to make a counter-strike of your own. Before that, your team will have to be reorganized. I’m sending you at least one new pilot and any of the missing that were recovered. After you read over these schematics, you’ll need to pick one to pilot so that the techs can have it ready. Once you do, go immediately to your bunk for 5 hours sleep. That is all.” And just like that Corcoran was shooed out of the office.

3039 Mission 6

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