Corporal David Whitfeld

Communications Specialist


This non-commisioned officer reminds you of a playful otter. He has slitted smoke-gray eyes. His straight, yellow hair reminds you of a dustball. He has a wide-chested build. His skin is deep tan. He has a pointed chin. His uniform is well-worn and shows sweat stains around the collar due to the headphones that nearly always accompany him.


Corporal Whitfeld enlisted in the Lyran military and rapidly showed an affinity for the sometimes frustrating communications predilections that all truly exemplary Comms Officers have.

A veteran of “The Incident”, Whitfeld tries his best to give the Mechwarriors in the Battalion the best intelligence he can. As a result of what the Corporal went through during “The Incident”, its not unusual for details that are supposed to be “command-level” only to mysteriously leak out to the Mechwarriors at some point prior to deployment.

Nearly all of the Battalion’s communications go through Corporal Whitfeld’s hands at some point. As a result, he has grown into the Battalion’s unofficial authority when it comes to setting bets on scuttlebutt.

Corporal David Whitfeld

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