Corporal Lillian Osborne

Chief Materiel Non-Commissioned Officer


This woman reminds you of a witty comedian. She has brown eyes that are like two acorns. Her silky, straight, shoulder-length hair is the color of dark chocolate. She is tall and has a plump build. Her skin is pale. She has a wide, hooked nose and a large mouth.


Drafted into the Irregulars ranks as a Materiel non-commissioned officer, after “The Incident”; Ozzie is a mouthy, selfish bitch and will be the first person to tell you that fact. While she can be touchy about anyone seemingly disturbing the world she’s in charge of, an underlying desire to be as helpful as possible to the Irregulars is rooted in their saving her during “The Incident”.

Her dislike of the Kommandant, however, leads her to be extremely stubborn and selfish in the way she handles repairs. Debts she feels she’s owed are always at the forefront of Corporal Osborne’s mind, whether or not she’s humming along to a tune while trying to get your heat sinks to seat themselves properly again or not.

Corporal Lillian Osborne

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