Hauptmann Harold Hoefler

The executive officer of the TCB Irregulars.


When this officer’s temper flares, it reminds you of a billowing sandstorm. He has eyes the color of the afternoon sky. His thick, straight, yellow hair is worn in a severe, dishelveled style. He’s got a well-groomed moustache and normally two to three days worth of beard growth. He is tall and has a wide-chested build. His skin is cream-colored and often has different shades of pink and red showing in his cheeks and forehead depending on his mood.

Gunnery Skill: 4
Piloting Skill: 4
Edge: 0/2
GSA: None
PSA: None
Exp: 0

Kill to XP conversion: 2:1
Maximum Refit: Class C or D for + 1 to repair rolls, Class A or B for no modifier. (SO pp. 188)
Rearm: Automatic
Repair: Always functional, Armor 2+, Engine/Gyro 6+, all other internal & Critical 3+
Special Abilities: Available at Double Cost

CN9-AL Centurion “Howl”

Originally a CN9-A, Howl sustained severe damage from a near fatal ammunition explosion during the final stages of “The Incident”, Hoefler had the ’mech rebuilt as a CN9-AL variant.


A career officer in the Lyran military, Hauptmann Hoefler spent ten years in an armored battalion until finally getting the call to move to a combined arms battlemech battalion. The TCB Irregulars were what Hoefler had spent his entire career trying to get to. And up until “The Incident”, it was everything he had expected it to be.

Hoefler’s rapid rise through the ranks throughout “The Incident” demonstrates several things about his character: he thinks quickly on his feet; he can make a path out of a problem that others would normally think was preposterous, viable; and he is not above sacrificing a limb or two if it means the body can survive.

He is a focus for what went wrong, as well as what went right during “The Incident” for the surviving battalion personnel. And the guilt of that is something that gnaws at Hoefler in a quiet, yet never-ending way.

Hauptmann Harold Hoefler

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