Leutnant Didi Holland

Veteran Mechwarrior of the TCB Irregulars


This woman puts you in mind of a looming thundercloud. She has hooded chestnut eyes. Her luxurious, straight, red hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a rooster’s crest. She has an hourglass build. Her skin is ruddy. She has prominent cheekbones and delicate ears.


A volunteer for the Lyran military, Holland is nearly always making a flippant, smartass remark about something one of her superiors has said or done in front of the lower ranks. While a gorgeous woman, who hates liars and dishonorable people with a passion, she is normally a good-natured person who spends far too much time wistfully recalling her favorite meals which always contain copious amounts of garlic.

A veteran of “The Incident”, Holland fully blames the Kommandant & the Hauptmann for the deaths of her lover during what she normall calls “The Great Debacle”. And she is simply waiting for the moment when those officers will receive their comeuppance.

Leutnant Didi Holland

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