The Archon's Epee

TCB Irregular's Gazelle-class Dropship


One of the smaller armor transport DropShips in use, the Gazelle-class generally operates alongside the Fury and Leopard and is capable of carrying a complete 15 vehicle company of armored fighting vehicles.
When it was first designed, the Gazelle was intended to operate with smaller and lighter combat vehicles designed prior to the Succession Wars. Later, it was modified resulting in the hold in the craft’s nose being enlarged to cope. These modifications came at the cost of the crew quarters and cargo capacity, greatly reducing comfort and inhibiting the design’s endurance on longer missions.


Another recent addition to the Irregulars naval compliment, The Archon’s Epee was laid down near the beginning of Alessandro Steiner’s ascension to the office of Archon, in 2983.

The only ship left of the now defunct and destroyed 115th Santana Armored Battalion, where it was known as Santana’s Southpaw; the Epee was absorbed into the Irregulars after the full extent of the damage “The Incident” inflicted on the Irregulars was made plain to Lyran Central Command. Since then, the Epee has proven to be exactly the tool the Kommandant wants to use on more than one occasion.

The Archon's Epee

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