The Katrina

TCB Irregular Union-class Dropship


A stalwart of company-sized ’Mech combat transports, the Union class is a venerable and capable member of the DropShip unit type. Capable of carrying two ASFs, in addition to the twelve ‘Mechs, the vessel’s interior personnel spaces are so minuscule as to border on the insane. Even the DropShip captain cannot claim to enjoy comfortable personal space. The armament is sufficient for both independent raid missions and full-scale assault deliveries. A scarcity of replacement parts and a dwindling pool of knowledgeable engineers means these older ships may soon fade from their otherwise dominant role.
The command and control facilities onboard a typical Union are sufficient enough that it may operate as a coordination point for smaller lance-sized combat transports partaking in company or larger sized operations. Likewise, it operates well in larger operations, where it may conduct missions of a surprise, diversionary or raiding role. The semi-automated weaponry is significant enough to cause single and paired ASFs pause.


Union 85742-A, was only recently laid down after the ascension of the current Archon. It’s christening was a stolid affair due to the speed with which it had to occur. The Katrina being a replacement for the TCB Irregulars old Union-class, The Booming Hammer which was destroyed during “The Incident”.

The Katrina’s fresh-out-of-the-box smell has led several of her technicians referring to her quirks as “The Archon’s Habits”. This is normally said immediately prior to an arc-welder being taken to something that isn’t functioning properly.

The Katrina

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