3039 Mission 7

The Irregulars detected a training cadre operating in the area and took the opportunity to smash the cadets and their instructor.

Universal XP Awards
Attendance XP: 1

Kill Awards
Objectives: 3/3
Panther x 2
Phoenix Hawk
Vedette x 2
4 kill credits each

Individual Awards
Russell “Red” Corcoran: 1 XP for scanning, 1 XP for writeup
Jabberwocky: 1 XP for scanning, 2 SPA XP for headhunting

Write-up Aftermath.

“So why did you let up on them? Why not just ‘mop them up?’” Surprisingly, the Kommondant’s tone was devoid of anger or sarcasm.
“They were beaten. Everyone knew it. If they hadn’t opened up the com and asked for terms I might have let it go on a bit longer. But we had made our mission objectives with nary a scratch, despite the rain and the mud and the gains to be had from annihilating this particular group of Snakes just wasn’t worth the effort or risk…” Corcoran sensed that the Kommondant was following the logic of it, to a point.
A few clicking sounds from the cigarette holder as the Kommondant shifted it from his mouth to the ashtray. “Yes, but our forces may encounter them again. Would it not have been more expedient to simply deal with them in the moment?”
Corcoran hadn’t expected his commander to press the issue, nonetheless he continued with his analysis. “Even if our forces do encounter that particular group again, the unit has shown itself to be completely inept and is no doubt thoroughly demoralized by their latest outing. Combined with the intelligence we gathered on the unit, I would predict that even one of our average line units would have a 96% chance of mission success against them, with a high probability that the enemy unit flees or surrenders upon its first or subsequent hardship.”
“And if the DCMS, make the same analysis and take remedial action?” The Kommondant’s eyes flickered as he enunciated the word ‘remedial.’
“We win that way too. If they liquidate the unit in toto that means they’ll have less assets to counter our forces with. If DCMS redistributes or reconstitutes from other forces the original unit may infect the others with low morale and inhibit their performance from a technical standpoint as well. In any event, re-organization may test or even strain their logistics, if only for a short time.” Corcoran was glad he had bothered to skim the latest Lyran Military Officer’s Journal. He had managed to paraphrase the abstract of one of the articles to meet his needs in this conversation.
The Kommondant’s smile took on a shark-like caste as he spoke “My dear Leutnant Corcoran. I certainly hope that we will not still be on this planet to observe the DCMS’ structural inefficiency exacerbated by your actions… or inactions as the case may be. Still, I do believe you are learning…”
As Corcoran left the office, he didn’t let his internal relief show to the staff personnel. Frankly, he had surprised himself. Six months ago the Kommondant would have torn him a new asshole for going soft on the enemy. Had Red’s reasoned analysis convinced him in the rightness of his actions? The Kommondant’s mannerisms had given every indication that this was the case. Red wondered if he was overthinking the situation but the Kommondant wasn’t usually that easy to read. For now it didn’t matter, Red had to prepare for the next mission.

3039 Mission 7

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