EXP Table

EXP Gain History

Mission Jagerhaus Steiner Hoefler Ersatz Payne Schlieman Buffschultz Schultze
Khyber Valley 2 3 4 5 3 3 0 2

EXP Spend History


EXP Cost Table

Purchase effect Cost
Piloting Skill Improvement 4
Gunnery Skill Improvement 8
Edge (1 pt.) used to re-roll head hits, consciousness checks, and ammo crits 10
Dodge allows a ‘dodge’ physical attack option that forces a to-hit penalty on attackers 8
Hot Dog improves shut down avoids and ammo explosion avoids 4
Jumping Jack -1 to hit when jumping instead of -3 12
Maneuvering Ace opens ‘lateral shift’ movement choice and +1 on skid/slip rolls 8
Melee Specialist +1 to physicals and +1 damage 8
Multi-Tasker reduces secondary target modifier by 1 4
Oblique Attacker +1 to indirect fire, no spotter needed to fire indirect 4
Pain Resistance +1 to consciousness checks 4
Sniper range modifiers drop to -1 at medium and -2 at long 12
Tactical Genius Re-roll of initiative 12
Gunnery Specialist +1 to hit with all weapons of a certain class, -1 with all others 4
Weapon Specialist +2 to hit with a specific weapon of the same class as his GS 1
Natural Aptitude, Gunnery roll 3 dice to hit, taking the best 2 40

EXP Table

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