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TCB Irregulars Inventory #: CN9-AL #004-B

Model:CN9-AL variant.

Mass: 50 tons

Chassis: Corean Model K7

Power Plant: Nissan 200

Cruising Speed: 43 kph

Maximum Speed: 64 kph

Armor: StarGuard III


  • 1 Luxor 3R LRM 10
  • 2 Photech 806c Medium Lasers
  • 1 Cyclops Eye Large Laser
  • 1 Cyclops Eye Small Laser

Manufacturer: Corean Enterprises

Primary Factory: New Avalon

Communications System: Corean Transband-J9

Targeting and Tracking System: Corean B-Tech

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

The Centurion was designed and built by Corean Enterprises as an operating partner for the successful Trebuchet. Produced initially from 2801 until the main plant on Ramen II was destroyed in 2845, the Centurion’s normal weapons revolve around the arm-mounted Luxor medium-heavy autocannon. Coupled with a Luxor LRM 10 and splitarc medium lasers, the Centurion represents a well-rounded combat platform at 50 tons.

CN9-AL #004-B was liberated via salvage after a battle between the Lyran Commonwealth and mercenary forces in 3012. Download, scrub, and analysis of CN9-AL #004-B’s data storage units revealed it had, at one time served in the Deneb Light Cavalry and was captured and redesignated with Draconis Combine protocols, though no mention of unit designation was programmed.
The most recent memory showed a hacking and reprogramming of those Draconis Combine protocols to command structures that are extremely similar to those exhibited by captured BattleMechs confirmed utilized by Brion’s Legion in and around their activities on the Lyran/Draconis border.

The CN9-A is best known for making slow, steady advances. Its autocannon and medium lasers allow the ’Mech to inflict maximum damage when attacking at close range, and with eight-and-a-half tons of armor, the Centurion is tough enough to absorb a considerable amount of punishment. The downside of the Centurion is well known in technical circles. With a series of defects in the autocannon loading system, the CN9-A is notorious for having an extremely difficult repair rate when the Luxor autocannon or ammo feed system is involved.

CN9-AL #004-B was considered a poster child for that analysis of the model as a catastrophic ammo feed jam led to the inability to dump the autocannon’s ammo bins and “Howl” sustained severe damage from a near fatal ammunition explosion during the final stages of The Incident.

In the month of physical therapy after the ejection, the newly promoted Hauptmann Hoefler had it rebuilt into the CN9-AL variant, which replaces the autocannon with one Cyclops Eye Large Laser and small Angst lasers, six additional heat sinks, and an extra two-and-a-half tons of armor.

Hoefler re-christened CN9-AL #004-B, “Howl”, after the noise he heard as his ejection from the cockpit momentarily jammed and the thrusters of his ejection seat nearly burned him to a crisp. Other TCB Irregulars in radio contact at the time, insist the noise was coming from Hoefler himself as he screamed orders demanding six MechWarriors sacrifice themselves to allow “the commander” to escape during “The Incident”, even while punching out after the engine core had gone critical.

Battle History within the TCB Irregulars

The Battle of Khyber Valley – Piloted by Hauptmann Harold Hoefler – Kills: 2 Heavy Wheeled APCs


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