TCB Irregulars Inventory #: GRF-2N #001-C

Model: GRF-1N.

Mass: 55 tons

Chassis: Earthwerk GRF

Power Plant: CoreTek 275

Cruising Speed: 57.1 kph

Maximum Speed: 81.5 kph

Jump Jets: Rawlings 55

Jump Capacity: 150m

Armor: Starshield A


  • 1 Fusigon Particle Projection Cannon
  • 1 Delta Dart Long Range Missile Ten-Rack

Manufacturer: Earthwerks, Incorporated

Communications System: Neil 6000

Targeting and Tracking System: Octagon Tartrac, System C

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

Originally built in 2492, the Griffin has seen classification as an assault, heavy, and finally as a medium ‘Mech. Because of its popularity with the militaries of the Inner Sphere, the design has seen production long past the point that most ’Mechs would be retired from service. Because of the Griffin’s weapons payload, the design excels in direct fire support and sniper roles. Additionally, the Griffin has a great deal of maneuverability, with a maximum speed of 86.4 kph. A jumping distance of one hundred and fifty meters means the Griffin can keep up with most lighter ’Mechs and outmaneuver most heavier designs.

The primary weapon on the Griffin is a Fusigon PPC. The PPC allows the Griffin to work at a long-range fire sniper role. This is backed up by a Delta Dart LRM-10 launcher. The LRM launcher gives the Griffin some indirect fire support capabilities. The Achilles heel of the design is its lack of short-range weapons, for when an enemy is capable of closing ranges and engaging in close quarters combat.

Built nearly 300 years ago for the SLDF, very little of this ’mech is original equipment. Following the absorption of the Terran Hegemony at the end of the Amaris Civil War, this Griffin was originally a GRF-2N “Royal” variant. Patchwork repairs forced the downgrade to standard heat sinks in the first half of the 29th Century, and by the last part of the 30th, Madame had been refit as a standard GRF-1N to ameliorate the deterioration in her performance. Madame came through The Incident almost completely undamaged, fueling much resentment among survivors.

Battle History within the TCB Irregulars

The Battle of Khyber Valley – Piloted by Kommandant Erich Steiner – Kills: FS9-H Firestarter


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