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The TCB Irregulars are an independent combined arms command used as a troubleshooter unit to handle crises and special operations.


Battlemech Assets

Commanding Officer: Kommandant Erich Steiner GRF-1N Griffin “Madame”
Executive Officer: Hauptmann Harold Hoefler CN9-AL Centurion “Howl”
Leutnant Dieter Jagerhaus TDR-5SS Thunderbolt “Jenny”
Leutnant Heinrich von Schlieman SHD-2H Shadow Hawk “Despair”
Leutnant Didi Holland ARC-2R Archer “Damocles”
Leutnant Lammert Waller TBT-5N Trebuchet “Mother”
Leutnant Manfred Buffschultz TDR-5SS Thunderbolt “The Scroat”
Leutnant Franz Ersatz PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk “Fake Frank”
Leutnant Dominic Payne VL-5T Vulcan “Fury”
Unassigned FLS-7K Flashman “Hammerjack”
Unassigned AS7-RD Atlas
Unassigned RFL-3RD Rifleman
Unassigned FS9-H Firestarter
Unassigned EFT-4J Eisenfaust

Aerospace Assets

Invader Class Jumpship Itinerant Jackal
Union Class Dropship Katrina
Gazelle Class Dropship The Archon’s Epee
Mule Class Dropship Bad Harmony

Vehicle Assets

Infantry Assets


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Battle History

The Battle of Khyber Valley, February 18, 3028

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