Mission - Recon

Costs & Requirements

Initiative Cost: 20
Minimum Advantage: 0

Starting Map Generation Settings:

Elevation: Medium
Cliffs: None
Woods: Medium
Roughs: None
Sands: None
Planted Fields: None
Swamps: None
Road: None
Lakes: None
River: None
Craters: None
Pavement: None
Ice: None
Rubble: None
Fortified: None
City: None
Mountain: None

Defending Forces:

Roll once on each column of the following table, applying modifiers as per player influence purchases (See Below).

1D6 Tech Force Unit Type Composition RAT Skill
1 F 50% 50%L/25%M/25%H 1-5:V / 6:M Green
2 D 75% 75%L/25%M 1-4:V / 5-6:M Regular
3 C 75% 50%M/40%H/10%A 1-3:V / 4-6:M Regular
4 B 100% 50%M/50%H 1-3:V / 4-6:M FVeteran
5 A 100% 25%L/25%H/50%A 1-2:V / 3-6:M Veteran
6 Elite 125% 10%L/30%M/50%H/10%A 1:V / 2-6:M Elite


The Player Force sets deployment to ‘EDG’. The Defender is set to ‘Any’. Once the map is generated, the Player Force nominates a Home Edge and the Defender’s home edge is opposite.
The Player Force then deploys within one hex of their Home Edge. The defender deploys all his forces anywhere on the map that is not within 3 hexes of any edge at the beginning of the game. The battle is fought with Tac-Ops Double Blind enabled.

Victory Conditions:

Identify the opposition: Successfully scan at least half of the opponent’s force. [10 Init]
Preemptive strike: Destroy/Cripple at least 25% of the opponent’s force. [1 Adv.]
Escape!: At least half of the player’s force must survive and exit their home edge after 8 turns. [1 Adv. 5 Init]

Player Awards:

Scanning: Each enemy scanned is worth .5 XP
Escape: Each pilot that escapes gains 1 Initiative XP

Special Rules:

Forced Withdrawal: The Defender follows the Forced Withdrawal rules (Total Warfare p. 258).
Limited Salvage: The Player force may only salvage battlefield losses if they achieved control of the field at the end of the scenario.
Scanning: Any unit (except infantry) in a force may attempt a detailed scan on any turn that it ends its Movement phase within 3 hexes of an opposing unit or building (5 if the Attacker unit is equipped with any equipment with “probe” in the title or equipment description). Scanning is successful if the unit spends a complete turn within range of the target. The unit attempting the action may not fire any weapons or make physical attacks during the time it takes to complete a scan; units equipped with a probe ignore this limitation. Line of sight is not required. Any mech that successfully scans an enemy for the first time earns .5 xp (Fractional XP are lost at the end of the scenario).

Influence Options:

Limited Options (Pick no more than one option from each group)

Group 1

Mountaineering [3 Influence]
North? Again!?
Mountain, Cliff, and Forest settings moved to High. Weather set to Heavy Snowfall. -15% Enemy Force Strength, Re-Roll any tracked or wheeled vehicles. No Infantry. +1 Adv. if any Victory Conditions are met.

Through the Swamp [3 Influence]
But I’m telling you, if we hit them through the swamps here it will neutralize their heavy armor!
Swamps, Lakes, and River Map settings moved to High. -20% Enemy Force Strength, Re-Roll any tracked or wheeled vehicles. +1 Adv. if any Victory Conditions are met.

Welcome to the Jungle [1 Influence]
Yeah, it does limit our mobility and lines of fire, but it limits theirs too!
Forest and River map setting moved to High. -10% Enemy Force Strength, Re-Roll any Hover or Wheeled vehicles. +5 Initiative if any Victory Conditions are met.

Urban Warfare [1 Influence]
I’ll tell you what’s more distasteful: Losing
Add a City Map setting moved to GRID. 10% of enemy force is changed to Infantry. Add the folowing two Victory Conditions – Terrorize: Demolish or Ignite at least 20 building hexes by the end of turn 6. [2 Adv] Hearts and Minds: Do no damage to any building hexes. [1 Adv, 10 Initiative]

Group 2

Foggy Weather [1 Influence]
And so it seemed to me that the fog bank coming off the water was the perfect cover to approach their positions
Roll 1D6: 1-3:Light Fog 4-6:Heavy Fog. Battle is fought with Double Blind rules enabled.

Inclement Weather [2 Influence]
When the storm swept in the others started to grumble, but I knew it was providence…
Roll 2D6: 2:F2 Tornado 3:Torrential Downpour 4:Sleet 5:Heavy Rainfall 6:Moderate Rainfall 7:Light Rainfall 8:Light Snowfall 9:Moderate Snowfall 10:Heavy Snowfall 11:Ice Storm 12:F4 Tornado. -1 Enemy Initiative, -10% Enemy Force Strength, 2x all Adv/Init payouts

Standard Options (Each option may be selected once)

Nail them to the wall! [3 Influence]
This is our chance boys! No Mercy!
Increase enemy force strength by 25%
Add the victory condition
No Mercy: Destroy or cripple 75% of the enemy force. [2 Adv]

Run! [1 Influence]
We’re spotted boys! Get in there!
The Player Force may expand their Deployment Zone to within 3 hexes of their home edge.

Stroll Through The Park [1 Influence]
They’re going nowhere without us
The Player Force may increase the number of turns they have available to complete Escape! by 1.

No Surprises [2 Influence]
Let’s do this one by the numbers
The ‘No Through Armor Criticals’ option is turned on in the game options.

Enemy Patrol [4 Influence]
Multiple inbound ground contacts! Looks like we’re getting some company!
The Defender gets an additional 25% of their base force that deploys on a neutral board edge before round 6. Add the following Victory Condition – Stuffed: Destroy all reinforcements by the end of round 9 [1 Adv.]

We All Hang Together [2 Influence]
No cowboys, no heroes, we operate as a team
Turn off Individual Initiative in the game options.

Unlimited Options (Each option may be picked any number of times)

Emergency Repairs [1 Influence]
I had the tech teams work through the night to get her up and running in time
Repair all internal damage to one of your ’mechs or auxilliaries or Repair all armor damage and reload all expended ammunition for one of your ’mechs or auxilliaries.

Air Strike [5 Influence]
Maverick, you are go for missiles!
Add two medium aerospace fighters loaded with 10 bombs each to your roster. Set Return Flyovers to true. The fighters will depart if they sustain any critical damage.

Enemy Air Support [2 Influence]
Inbound enemy aircraft are confirmed. You are weapons free to engage…
Add two heavy fighters with 6 bomb loads to the defender’s forces. Add the following Victory Condition – Bring them Down: Shoot down all enemy aircraft. [2 Adv]

Guardian Angels [6 Influence]
Don’t you worry your little muddy boots none boys! The angels are here to protect you!
Add two heavy aerospace fighters to your roster and set ‘Allow Return Flyovers’ to true.

Advanced Combat [1 Influence]
I wonder what THIS button does…
Toggle any Tac-Ops or Strat-Ops option in the game options.

Mission - Recon

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