TCB Irregulars Unit History

Unit Profile:

Nickname: The Unloved
Parent Formation: Independent Command
Formed: 3018

Unit Description:

The TCB Irregulars were formed in 3007 as an experimental rapid reaction force designed to counter the blistering series of lightning raids being carried out along the Combine border. Unusually for a unit of their size they are over-allocated jumpship and dropship resources and the Kommandant has a warrant to temporararily appropriate assets he deems critical to his mission from other LCAF Units.


The early employments of the TCB Irregulars were a stunning success as they racked up an impressive number of victories under the command of Colonel Edwin Saponera before being transferred to the FWL border. In 3019 command of the unit fell to Colonel Michael Dunnowitz after Col. Saponera died when his headquarters was overrun by Marik headhunters in an operation on Nestor. In 3026 the Irregulars were suddenly pulled from the border to participate in a highly classified operation, referred to as The Incident which resulted in the destruction of most of the TCB Irregulars. The unit has spent the following two years rebuilding under the command of Kommandant Erich Steiner.

Composition History:


  • Two Battlemech Companies “Scheer’s Folly” & “Kincaid’s Lament”
  • One Medium Armor Company “Natalie’s Mobile Artillery”
  • One Aerospace Squadron “Aaron’s Archangels”
  • Three Infantry Companies


  • Two Battlemech Lances
  • One Light Armor Lance
  • One VTOL Recon Section
  • Three Infantry Platoons

Notable Battles:

TCB Irregulars Unit History

TCB Irregulars DavidLely