TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 2

A Strike against sector command.

Striking through the densest part of the Khralian Forest, the Irregulars struck as the morning fog from the river choked the river valley. Barreling straight into the thick of it George Hustveit and Jan Stagson were brought up short by heavy hostile fire, and when Stagson veered off after an enemy Wasp and the fog made Hustveit’s footing treacherous, his crashing tumble ended in an ammunition explosion that rocked the jungle. Meanwhile the light mechs of the Nestor Militia were busily shoving irregulars into the slow moving river. The tide began to shift when Gritten Eggles neatly decapitated the Militia’s commander’s Phoenix Hawk, and the timely arrival of Russ Corcoran and Hans Ersatz after clearing the river banks saved Stagson.



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