TCB Irregulars

3039 Mission 3

The Irregulars Take a Stand

Mission: Stalwart

Enemy Forces:

Crusader CRD-3R
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
Wyvern WVE-6N
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1K
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
Jump LRM
Motor MG

Influence Options:

Pilot Influence Available Options Selected Total Remaining
Jan Stagson 2 Emergency Repairs 1
Hans Ersatz 1.5 Emergency Repairs 0.5
Frederick Mannstein 1.5 Emergency Repairs 0.5
Russ Corcoran 3 Air Strike 0
Dominic Payne 2 None 2
George Hustveit 2 Artillery Support 0
Gritten Eggles 1.5 Emergency Repairs 1.5


Fighting in the western plains, the Irregulars swatted aside a thrust by the Nestor Militia, feigning a withdrawal only to counter with air power, artillery support and disciplined fire. The Kuritan column was annihilated to a man and the way was cleared for the Irregular’s advance.



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