Leutnant Dieter "Static" Jagerhaus

Perennial snitch and general troublemaker of the TCB Irregulars.


Gunnery Skill: 4
Piloting Skill: 5
Edge: 0/2
GSA: None
PSA: None
Exp: 0

Kill to XP conversion: 2:1
Maximum Refit: Class C or D for + 1 to repair rolls, Class A or B for no modifier. (SO pp. 188)
Rearm: Automatic
Repair: Always functional, Armor 2+, Engine/Gyro 6+, all other internal & Critical 3+
Special Abilities: Available at Regular Cost

TDR-5SS Thunderbolt “Jenny”
3025 thunderbolt


Dieter is always dirty, eating something, and talking. His lack of hygiene and questionable cuisine make him one of the least popular pilots in the Irregulars.

Leutnant Dieter "Static" Jagerhaus

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