Kommandant Erich Steiner

Commander of the TCB Irregulars


Gunnery Skill: 4
Piloting Skill: 5
Edge: 0/3
GSA: None
PSA: None
Exp: 0

Kill to XP conversion: 1:1
Maximum Refit: Class C or D for + 2 to repair rolls, Class A or B for 1 to repair rolls. (SO pp. 188)
Rearm: 5 + per ton
Repair: Always functional, Armor 2
, Engine/Gyro 8+, all other internal & Critical 5+
Special Abilities: Available at Regular Cost

GRF-1N Griffin “Madame”


Erich Steiner was born on the Planet Furillo in 3003 to a minor noble family and he is indirectly related to Alessandro Steiner through his mother’s side of the family. His father, Wilhelm von Hohenhauser was a mech commander stuck in a dead end post deep in Steiner territory but thanks to Alessandro’s strategy of concentrated weakness, he was moved to a front line unit and given the opportunity to win much glory and honor in the caldron of battle. Due to his meteoric rise he gained the opportunity to marry into the Steiner family and as a loyal supporter of Alessandro, he was elevated to the rank of minor nobility. However, after Alessandro’s ‘retirement’ in 3007 Erich’s father was deemed to be a political liability, due to his outspoken support for Alessandro, and was quitely shuffled into a desk job and took early retirement when it became clear that his career was effectively over. Despite this set back, Wilhelm was able to use his military connections to procure Erich a position in the Nagelring, the best mech pilot training academy on Tharkad. After graduating with honors, Erich was posted to several different units along the Lyran-Marik border and quickly gained a reputation for quick and innovative tactics as well as for a deep seated hatred for the Free Worlds League. Despite his obvious talent for command, the Lyran high command has been reluctant to promote Erich above a company commander due to his family’s history of allegiance to the previous Archon. Thus when the high command decided to re-build the TCB Irregulars following The Incident as a disruptive force to operate behind enemy lines in the Free Worlds League, assigning Erich as its commander seemed to be an obvious solution to everyone’s problem. As the commander of the irregulars, Erich would be able to fully employ his tactical and stragetic prowess to great effect while at the same time any glory that he achieved would be covered up by the need for operational security.

Since his posting, Erich has been rebuilding the Irregulars, determined to exceed the high command’s expectations, and to produce results even under the most difficult of circumstances.

Kommandant Erich Steiner

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