422px 3025phawk

“Fake Frank”

TCB Irregulars Inventory #: PHX-1 #002-A

Model: PHX-1.

Mass: 45 tons

Chassis: Earthwerks PXH

Power Plant: GM 270

Cruising Speed: 64 kph

Maximum Speed: 97 kph

Jump Jets: Rawlings 45

Jump Capacity: 180 meters

Armor: Durallex Light


  • 1 Harmon Large Laser
  • 2 Harmon Medium Lasers
  • 2 M100 Machine Guns

Manufacturer: Earthwerks Incorporated, Coventry Metal Works, Achernar BattleMechs, Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterpises

Primary Factory: Keystone (Earthwerks), Coventry (CMW), New Avalon (Achernar), New Oslo (GKT)

Communications System: Neil 6000

Targeting and Tracking System: Octagon Tartrac System C

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

The Phoenix Hawk is a relic of the Star League era, produced during that time in great numbers. A staple of recon lances almost since its prototype, the basic PXH model has been in standard service of every House military since the fall of the Star League and is still produced (or being reintroduced) in almost every Successor State. It is almost considered the meterstick by which other BattleMechs are rated, and in reconnaissance circles, it is the meterstick.

Built around a strengthened Wasp chassis, the Phoenix Hawk is designed to operate in concert with its lighter cousins like the Wasp and Stinger. It follows the same basic design philosophy, with similar weaponry and movement profiles, and armor more suited to short actions than brawls. The Harmon large laser gives it the firepower to threaten other ’Mechs, supported by pairs of lighter lasers and machine guns. Massive Rawlings jump jets mounted behind the PXH’s shoulders give it an impressive 180-meter jump radius, almost unprecedented for a ’Mech of its mass.

If the Phoenix Hawk has weaknesses, they are faults common to nearly all ’Mechs: not enough armor and heat sinks. Many PXHs have been lost by green MechWarriors who are too trusting in their armor or who allow their heat burden to climb too high. An experienced pilot who knows the ’Mech, however, is often deadly.


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