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TCB Irregulars Inventory #: VL-5T #001-A

Model: VL-5T.

Mass: 40 tons

Chassis: Crucis-II Delux Endo Steel

Power Plant: Pitban 240

Cruising Speed: 64 kph

Maximum Speed: 97 kph

Jump Jets: Rawlings 75

Jump Capacity: 180 meters

Armor: Kallon Royalstar


  • 1 Tronel PPL-20 Large Pulse Laser
  • 1 Tronel XII Medium Pulse Laser
  • 1 Flame Tech Flamer

Manufacturer: Nimakachi Fusion Products Ltd.

Primary Factory: Tematagi

Communications System: Omicron 4002 Networking Channel

Targeting and Tracking System: TRSS Eagle Eye

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

Built for General Aleksandr Kerensky’s troops in the last years of the Amaris Coup, the Free Worlds League captured the Vulcan’s design specifications during the First Succession War. In need of new weapons to deal with the threat posed by the Lyran Commonwealth and Capellan Confederation, Parliament awarded the spoils of war to Nimakachi Fusion Products Ltd.

More recently, Nimakachi used recovered Star League technology to create the VT-5M in a bid to make the Vulcan more effective against other ’Mechs. After producing a limited production run of the upgraded design in 3052, Nimakachi scaled up production to produce twenty a month until their Tematagi production plant was destroyed in 3069.

Since the Vulcan was already prized as an effective city fighter and anti-infantry ’Mech, Nimakachi retained the flamer and machine gun. Over the preceding three centuries the Armstrong autocannon’s performance as the Vulcan’s primary anti-’Mech weapon had been disappointing. Nimakachi engineers replaced the weapon with a Tronel PPL-20 large pulse laser. A powerful weapon, its short range was not considered a weakness in a ’Mech intended to operate against infantry or in an urban environment. At the same time the Randell medium laser was swapped out for a Tronel XII medium pulse laser, and the single heat sinks were replaced with eleven double-efficiency versions. The use of an endo-steel internal structure offset the extra weight of the new weaponry.


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