3025 trebuchet1


TCB Irregulars Inventory #: TBT-5N #006-A

Model: TBT-5N.

Mass: 50 tons

Chassis: Corean Model 9C

Power Plant: Magna 250

Cruising Speed: 54 kph

Maximum Speed: 86 kph

Armor: Starshield


  • 2 Zeus LRM 15
  • 3 Magna Mark II Medium Lasers

Manufacturer: Corean Enterprises, Kali Yama Weapons Industries

Primary Factory: Stewart (Corean), Kalidasa (Kali Yama)

Communications System: Corean TransBand-J9

Targeting and Tracking System: Corean B-Tech

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

Though carrying a blistering array of advanced technology due to its last-minute entry into the Star League Defense Force ranks in 2780, the Trebuchet was also one of the first BattleMechs that went back to the drawing board and was re-designed using older technology so Corean Enterprises could continue to manufacture the design through the Succession Wars, though the customer was now the Free Worlds League military.

One of the few pre-Clan Invasion designs made to work in a group rather then as a standalone BattleMech, designers hoped to make the Trebuchet a fine blend of long-range and close-in fire support. Designers could not maximize both roles, but when used in a group, the design is exceptional for its size. Two Zeus LRM racks are the primary weapon of the 50-ton ’Mech. For close-in support, three medium lasers were deemed acceptable during the Succession Wars redesign, though it has been admitted the Trebuchet is outgunned up close by many other ’Mechs when fighting independently.

The biggest flaw in the Trebuchet is its lack of endurance. Though its lasers preclude any need for resupply when fighting at short range, its LRM racks only have enough ammunition for a little over a minute of continuous fire.


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