3025 thunderbolt

“The Scroat”

TCB Irregulars Inventory #: TDR-5SS #015-A

Model: TDR-5SS.

Mass: 65 tons

Chassis: Earthwerks TDR

Power Plant: Magna 260

Cruising Speed: 43 kph

Maximum Speed: 64 kph

Armor: Ryerson 150


  • 1 Sunglow Type 2 Large Laser
  • 1 Delta Dart Long Range Missile 15 Rack
  • 3 Diverse Optics Type 18 Medium Lasers
  • 1 Bical Short Range Missile Twin-Rack
  • 2 Voelkers 200 Machine Guns

Manufacturer: Earthwerks Incorporated

Primary Factory: Keystone

Communications System: Neil 8000

Targeting and Tracking System: RCA Instatrac Mark X

Overview, Capabilities, & History:

First produced in 2491, the TDR-5S Thunderbolt— or T-Bolt as it is affectionately known—is a familiar sight throughout the Successor States. One of the first ’Mechs designed for planetary assaults, it is renowned for its heavy firepower. Though later superseded by larger and more advanced designs, the Thunderbolt’s excellent design and fearsome reputation has kept it in production.

One of the best-armed ’Mechs in existence, the Thunderbolt’s long-range punch come from a Sunglow Type 2 large laser and a drum-mounted Delta Dart LRM 15 launcher, while three Diverse Optics Type 18 medium lasers provide a formidable broadside at closer ranges. A Bical SRM twin-rack and a pair of anti-infantry Voelkers 200 machine guns round out the weaponry.
The Thunderbolt’s thirteen tons of Ryerson 150 armor is another impressive feature, often outclassing ’Mechs nearly twenty-five tons heavier.
The ’Mech’s heavy weaponry is also its Achilles heel, as MechWarriors must ride the heat curve carefully or else risk shutdown and ammunition explosions. Many commanders order their Thunderbolts into bodies of water on the battlefield, allowing them to better utilize their armaments.
The Steiner TDR-5SS replaces the Sunglow large laser with a Kreuss PPC, substitutes the LRM rack for an SRM-6, and exchanges the Bical SRM pack for two Zippo flamers.


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